Spotlight Tonight – Behind the Scene TV Studio Control Room

24 05 2011

Please enjoy this behind the scene look as I produce and direct a live karaoke television TV show from New England.
Performing tonight are my friends Deanna Brunetti and Cindy Sherman.
Host Jack “XXL” Freeman.
Thank you to the Spotlight Tonight crew and DoubleACS TV15 for helping make this show possible every week.
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Thank you for watching.


Music & Memories with Vic Wotherspoon

14 11 2010

This show highlighting Vic Wotherspoon a 65-year-old musician who has been playing guitar since 1959. “I thought it’d be a nice way to meet women,” he laughed. “I got really into the folk scene to go to Greenwich Village in 1963.” Now, anyone who knows me knows of my encyclopedic passion for Bob Dylan. So obviously, at the mention of “Greenwich Village” and “1963,” I had to ask if he knew The Man himself. “Yeah, I knew Bob before he was famous,” Vic said nonchalantly. Then he left New York for Cambridge, where he played Club 47, now Club Passim, where Dylan, Joan Baez, Tom Rush and the like performed. “I recorded a record on Vanguard around 1971 called ‘Vic Wotherspoon Singing’ the Blues,’ ” he said. “I don’t know if it’s still around.” It sold about 1,000 copies and was never fully promoted, he said. He also recorded an album with fellow Taunton singer Tom Beaulieu in 1996.

Growing up in Massachusetts, spending time in Cambridge the mecca of music in the country at that time as well as living in New York village area. Vic talks about growing up with some of the countries greatest musicians before they made it and shares his inspirational memories and music with us.

We hope you enjoy Vic’s stories and music.

Tradition of Days Past

14 11 2010

On a day trip to Rockport MA we came across Bill Donovan working in his small shop making buoys and traps as he remembers the days of his youth and time spent on the ocean. Listen to Bill’s stories as he remembers them of Old Fashioned Hand-Made Wooden Lobster Buoys and Traps with William Donovan.

Legends & Friends (music)

14 11 2010

“Legends & Friends”, a little Blue Grass, a little Rock.
A music festival that took place the summer of 2008 featuring many local musicians. Some of these friends have been playing music together a very long time. On this day it was to fun to watch and listen to them perform and share their fun!

Japanese Master Wood Carver

14 11 2010

In this show from Japan you will meet Mr. Nobuyuki Takahashi a master wood carver (Sasano Ittobori). Nobuyuki-san has been carving Otakapoppo for 35 years now and highly recognized in Japan and around the world for his craftsmanship skills. Although Nobuyuki Takahashi pieces are simple, it takes a great deal of skill to create objects of the highest quality. His travels took him to Disneyland in Calif., on six different occasions, where his demonstrations were popular and onlookers were full of curiosity as they watched him create a bird with a layer of beautiful feathers using only his chisel and a log. We hope your inspired by Nobuyuki Takahashi skills.

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

14 11 2010

This show was a very special honor. I was invited to a traditional tea ceremony performed for me so that I could share it with you.

The Tea Sensei Mrs. Ishiguri will demonstrate the preparation for the ceremony as well as perform the tea ceremony.

My friend Makiko-san and her friend Yumi -san will help translate the goings on so we have a good understanding of this very old tradition.

You will along with me will learn how this tradition started many years ago for men only as a way to socialize with friends. In more recent times the tea ceremony is enjoyed by both men and women as a traditional way to spend time together with friends and family.

We hope you enjoy this traditional ceremony.

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